My Group Presentation..

27 08 2008

Hi again everyone!

Last night I had my group presentation, it went smoothly and I felt happy with the overall outcome. Our topic was ‘going online’ and our group decided to base our assignment on creating a weblog.

I found this very useful and interesting as I feel this would be a great resource for the classroom. We used the website to create the weblog. However, Paul did point out to us that we need to be careful with the online security, therefore, I would suggest using a search engine such as ‘’ to find a teacher safe blog site.

I found this assignment beneficial because I have never registered or posted on a blog site before. This has also helped me with this assignment as I have needed to blog.

Once again, if you have any queries or would like to comment on this resource, feel free!

Bye for now, Susan.




One response

29 08 2008

It sounds like your presentation was very successful! Blogs today may be the future ‘Diary of Anne Frank’.

It is really hard to use the internet in class because of inappropriate sites or child protection, in our tutorial we discussed the use of “netnanny” and other security ideas. An interesting conclusion emerged: it didnt seem to matter in the long run whether the security were on or not, children still found a way around it if they were determined… it seemed to have more effect if the school showed that they would discipline students who were doing this or was monitoring the students’ use online. That said, the security websites can help to filter what comes through, particularly in images or pop-ups but it is the teachers responsibility to monitor their students. Again, the workload of monitoring can be lessened through careful preparation ie visiting the site before, knowing what information is appropriate or not.

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