4 09 2008

Hi all,

The presentation was very good this week. When I left class I had the feeling that I had gained a sound knowledge of ebooks. I enjoyed this presentation because I felt that I would use ebooks in the classroom. I liked the definition of ebooks that the presenters gave us, I felt it was very clear and succint, “WHAT ARE E-BOOKS? E-Books can be anything from the digital version of a paper book, to more interactive content that includes hyperlinks and multimedia. E-Books allow the reader to create and become a part of the book. What makes an e-Book unique is its animations, graphics and mediums.” Ebooks would be a great asset to any classroom because it allows students to engage in another form of multimedia. Ebooks are good because, the whole class can follow on with the teacher, which helps teachers model reading because the students can observe which words the teacher is reading and how they are spelt. Another benefit of ebooks is that the students can more easily observe the visuals in the book, and as we have been learning about visual cues in books, we now know how important this is. Well done presenters!

Bye for now, Susan.




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