Hands on Data

12 09 2008

Hi everyone,

Once again, there was another great presentation this week. The topic was ‘hands on data’ and by the end of the tutorial I felt very clever at what I had achieved. The presenters took us through each step of the task, we were to collect data from a database and place this information into a sreadsheet. Although this sounds simple, I would not have known how to accomplish this task without the assistance of the presenters. To place the information into a spread sheet, we were to use the program excel, which I was not very familar with, however, by the end of the night, I felt I had learnt a lot about excel and was a lot more comfortable wth it.

Collecting information is a task we take for granted, however, for children this is a lot more complicated. The presenters provided us with a safe and easy to use website that is a great resource for the classroom, it was the National Geographic Kids website.

Thanks for another great presentation,





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