6 10 2008

Hi all,

This week I learnt all about simulation. The definition provided to us this week by the presenters was, “Simulation is a situation where students can assume the roles of others in a simulated environment acting according to specified rules and procedures which give the illusion of reality, without the consequences of actions that are inherent in real life situations. Simulations may be learning games or role-play”.

I feel that simulation is very important for students because it helps them to work out the consequences of an action without receiving the consequences first hand therefore, it allows them to learn from mistakes in a pretend world. This weeks tutorial used buying and selling as an example of this. 

This is very important for childrens development, we observe infants playing ‘mummy and daddy’ or ‘having a tea party’. Technology allows us to further implement these actions through mulitmedia. However, it is also important that children are aware of the difference between this simulated world and the ‘real’ world and also the difference between receiving consequences in both worlds. Another helpful presentation, well done girls!

Bye again for now,





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