Reflection on ePortfolio Assignment…

13 10 2008

This assignment for me has been a huge accomplishment. I found it very hard to workout out how to change things and add them. But overall this has been a positive experience because I have learnt a lot! I have learnt how to upload different types of media as well as how to navigate around an unfamilar program.

Through all the workshops I have gained a wealth of knowledge on different types of technology. Some of this technology includes, programs such as fireworks and excel, wordpress and as well as understanding what ebooks and simulation are and how they can be used in the classroom.

This assignment has required me to focus on how I can present myself professionally. It has formed my thoughts towards the ideas I need for resumes and interviews when entering the workforce. Althought it has been hard work, it certainly has been worthwhile because I have learnt a lot. I now feel a lot more positive towards ICT in the classroom because I feel more confident in my ability to teach ICT to students.

Thanks everyone who has come to visit my site, I hope you enjoyed it!

See you later, Susan.




One response

13 10 2008

Hey Susan,

I agree with your comments reflecting on what we have gained from doing this assignment. I know my attitudes have changed completely towards IT. I am not always wanting to hide away from it now. I have learnt a lot from this assignment as well and we had access to a lot of great programs and ideas.

I am glad you enjoyed creating this assignment and hopefully it is something we can continue in the future.

Take Care,

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