Assessment for Blog:

 Formative (prior):

Teacher asks students specific questions to gather prior knowledge of topic, e.g. ‘What is a blog?’ ‘How would you locate a blog?’ ‘How would you post a comment on a blog site?’ ‘How would you register for a blog?’. This assessment will equip the teacher with an understanding of the students level of knowledge and experience on this topic.


Substantive (during):

Once students have a basic understanding of ‘blogging’ and they have successfully posted blogs. The teacher will provide a set topic for students to post a blog, the teacher will use this blog to assess the students understanding. This assessment will provide the teacher with guidance because it allows the teacher to monitor where students need more assistance or help.


Summative (at the end):

Once the students have a sound knowledge on how to go online and blog, the teacher will set a final post for students on a particular topic. In this post the teacher will specify that students are to prepare a blog which:

· Is a certain length, for example, no less than two paragraphs.

· Varies in font and layout to suit the particular audience. (WS3.12)

· Chooses appropriate graphics to accompany the blog post. (WS3.12)

· Text is appropriate to topic.

· Detail is given to the presentation of the blog.


An assessment (see resources) used at the end of this topic to assess what students have learnt include:


1) Have students search the internet for other weblog sites. (Science and technology indicator – to provide a stimulus for further investigation).


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