Syllabus Outcomes

Syllabus Outcomes for  Going Online – Classroom Blog


Science and Technology outcomes

Information and communication strand

Concerned with:

  • The nature of communications
  • Methods of communicating between individuals, groups and communities
  • Systems of information storage and transfer
  • The people and organizations who produce, use, consume or are affected by information and communications technologies.

Using technology:

Students will:

  • Learn to use a wide variety of tools, hardware, equipment, software safely and appropriately. 

Technology used:

  • As a tool to extend students capabilities
  • As a resource to enable students to develop cooperative skills, risk taking and a sense of control over technology
  • To provide a stimulus for further investigation
  • To act as a stimulus for students to design, modify technologies and explore alternative uses of particular technologies.

Develop the necessary skills to use the technology


Students will develop:

  • Basic operational skills such as operating equipment and  using simple computer software packages
  • Organizational and managerial skills which will involve careful planning for the task, being able to follow correct procedures.
  • Skills in caring for equipment as well as for safety, health and wellbeing of themselves, others and the environment.


English Outcomes related to ICT (stage three)


WS3.9– Produces a wide variety of well structured and well presented literary and   factual texts for a wide variety of purposes and audiences using increasingly challenging topics, ideas, issues and written language features            

  • Constructs texts in a range of media, eg, computer blog
  • Writes sustained arguments and discussions supported by evidence
  • Composes basic reviews
  • Writes detailed descriptions, recounts
  • Organizes written text to suit a multimedia project.


WS3.12– produces text in a fluent and legible style and uses computer technology to present these effectively in a variety of ways.

  • Varies font and layout to suit a particular audience and purpose
  • Chooses appropriate graphics to accompany texts
  • Designs and organizes information for a website
  • Uses word processing programs to design school/class newspaper/webpage, importing graphics and written texts from a range of sources.

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