Lolly Photography


In our second tutorial we were to take photos of lollies and use them to create a slideshow. Unfortunately my camera was not working, so instead I used photo booth to snap a few photos and place them into a slide show. However, I did not save my work on the night, so I used the content learnt from that tutorial to try this again at home..

I struggled a lot with finding a program which would allow me to place the photo slideshow on my ePortfolio website. My first attempt was with photo bucket which was unsuccessful, I then downloaded another program ‘Photo DVD Slideshow’ however my slideshow would only be saved in an MPG3 file which wordpress was unable to upload. I finally asked my friend Ann-marie for ideas, she googled my problem and soon found the program ‘slide’. This program allowed me to create the slideshow above and wordpress accepted it, and now I am proud of it, as a lot of frustration when into creating it! So I hope you enjoy it too!!


One response

10 10 2008

Wow! I love the way you have used the slideshow, how on earth did you embed it into wordpress? It is amazing quality that showcases your images in a creative, bright and interesting way! Congratulations on a brilliant webpage! 🙂

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