Learning How to Use Fireworks..

18 08 2008

Hi everyone,

Today I learnt something new again in my tutorial. I learnt how to operate the program ‘Fireworks’. Paul navigated the class through designing a header in this program. It was a great program which I would like to use again. It was similar to the program ‘paint’, however, it had a lot more icons to use.

You can view the work I did in my profile page, as the header used is what I created today..

If you have any questions about this program, feel free to comment!

Talk again soon,



Photography Tutorial

11 08 2008

Hi everyone,

Today in class, we took photos of lollies and posted them in web pages. I had never attempted this before and even though it was a little tricky, through Pauls’ guidance I managed to complete two pages which I was very proud of.

Here are some examples of the photos I took of my lovely lollies:


Hope you like my photos, chat again soon.


Our First ICT Tutorial…

4 08 2008

Hi everyone,

Today seemed daunting, I thought that living in a world full of technology that I would breeze through this Information and Technology subject, however, I was wrong!

In class I learnt how to create a wordpress profile, this seemed rather easy, however, looking around the site I soon became worried about our ePortfolio assignment.

Hopefully throughout the tutorials I can become more competent in navigating around the wordpress site.

I’ll be posting regularly to let you know my progress…

See you for now,