Teachers Accreditation…


NSW Institute of Teachers

“The Institute was established to support quality teaching in all NSW schools. Its charter is to advance the status and standing of the teaching profession. The Institute works to support the career-long development of teachers and to assure both the profession and the community of the quality of teacher education programs.” (Des Matejka: 2008: Lecture 8 content)


“Accreditation attests that a teacher has met the Professional Teaching Standards for one of the key stages. The accreditation decision is made by the Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA). All accreditation decisions are recorded by the NSW Institute of Teachers.

The capacity to make holistic judgements about teacher performance underpins the accreditation process. Making an holistic judgement involves demonstrating the integration of standards in order to achieve an objective. It generally requires the collection of a range of evidence including observation as well as review of documentation. Recognising a competent teacher requires an understanding that combinations of standards or aspects of standards are applied and demonstrated in a range of circumstances. The decision to accredit a teacher requires a judgement that the teacher’s practice is integrated across a range of genuine and varied circumstances. The standards should not be used as an individual check list or as any reductionist summation of the complexity of teaching. Any process that seeks to judge competence as an aggregate of individually observed behaviours is not adequate for making a reliable accreditation decision.(NSW Institute of Teachers: 2006: http://www.nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/)


We live in a technologically advanced society therefore teachers are required to be professionally competent in ICT skills. This is necessary because teachers are required to teach their students these same ICT skills to help them in their future careers. Teachers are assessed on this professional standard in the following element of the ‘Professional Competence’ NSW Teachers Accreditation Scheme.

Standard 1.2.4 – Apply current knowledge and skills in the use of ICT in the classroom to meet syllabus outcomes in the following: Basic operational skills; Information technology skills; Software evaluation skills; Effective use of the internet; Pedagogical skills for classroom management.” (NSW Institute of Teachers: 2006: http://www.nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/)


The NSW Teachers Accreditation website provides new scheme teachers with a booklet containing support documents to help teachers understand and successfully pass their competency requirements. 


Lesson Plan with Activity Sheets


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